5 Worst Foods to Eat for High Blood Sugar – Eat That It’s Not

High blood sugar can lead to many health problems. Basically, it can lead to diabeticwhich is estimated 34.2 million people in the United States of America. If you have high blood sugar, this means that it is present Too much sugar in your blood. This is either because your body has too little insulin or because your body is not working with insulin properly.

Although it may seem uncontrollable at times, there are ways to do so Managing high blood sugar. Changing your lifestyle habits as well as your diet can help maintain it. This means cutting out certain foods that may do more harm than good to your body (even if they are your favorite foods). We have compiled a list of worst foods You can eat if you have high blood sugar. Once you read it, be sure to check out 4 Eating Habits Secretly Raise Blood Sugar, Nutritionists Say.

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“A lot of fruit-flavored yogurt is full of more sugar than some desserts,” he says. Sarah Enzlofarresearch and developmentSarah Gold Nutrition, registered dietitian and owner of Sarah Gold Nutrition. “Alternatively, try plain Greek or Icelandic yogurt and add a little honey to sweeten it yourself.”

Both Greek Yogurt Icelandic yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt, which helps balance blood sugar. To garnish the yogurt, top it with fresh fruit or seeds for some added fiber. Anzolvar says that the basic It may help stabilize blood sugar, too.

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Smoothie bowls are just bowls of, you guessed it, smoothies! Only with more decoration on top, it consists of more fruit, nuts, and a few other extras. The most common is okay Dishes made of deep purple fruit. Although typically delicious and nutritious, prepared foods do not have the same effect as a fresh bowl.

“Nothing against fruit or juices, but when you buy a pre-made smoothie, your juice is likely to be made mostly from fruit juices like a blend of Apple juice And pineapple juice mixed together lacks any form of dietary fiber and protein.” Roxana EhsanyMS, RD, CSSD, LDNand National Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Ehsani continues to say that both dietary fiber and protein are rare Pre-made smoothies and bowls. A lot of those prepackaged bowls found in the grocery store are high in total carbs, adding to your already high blood sugar.

Instead, you think it’s best to make your own smoothies and bowls at home. Or ask your local juice shop to add some real fruit – fresh or frozen work.

“Reduce the fruit juice,” says Ehsani. “Instead, use milk or non-dairy milk, or even kefir, and add a source of fiber like fresh or frozen fruit. Plus some seeds or nuts like chia seeds or flaxseeds.”

It says you can even add a scoop of Peanut ButterOr protein powder or Greek yogurt to keep your blood sugar stable while adding extra protein to it.

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according to Melissa Azzaro, RDN, LDis a registered dietitian and podcast host at Yours faithfully hormonallyFoods with a lower glycemic index raise blood sugar faster than foods with a lower glycemic index. This includes White breadWhite rice, PotatoAnd soda and snacks like Potato Chips and pastries.

However, you don’t need to completely rule it out.

“The glycemic index measures foods only when eaten alone,” Azzaro says. “So, to reduce its impact on blood sugar, don’t eat it on its own and instead pair it with foods that are high in protein and fiber.”

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“You may be astounded by all the options in the grocery aisles, especially when it comes to the grain aisles,” says Ehlani. “Some grains may be really high in total carbohydrates and lack both dietary fiber and protein, two nutrients that keep blood sugar stable and in control.”

If you are not sure about any of them cereal To choose from, Ehlani suggests it’s best to choose cereals that have at least three grams of dietary fiber per serving and at least three grams of protein per serving.

However, if you end up with pills that aren’t top-notch, don’t panic, because there are ways to balance them out.

“You can even add some protein on the side if you choose high-carb cereal,” says Ehlani. Try serving it with a side of scrambled eggs or sprinkle some chopped up Walnuts in your bowl. Or have a side of Greek yogurt or cottage cheese.”

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You won’t be as happy as a kid in a candy store when you hear about this because sweet treats On the “don’t eat” list.

“Unfortunately, if your blood sugar is already high, the last thing you should eat is a handful of it.” candies, which will continue to make it soar into the sky,” says Ehlani. No matter what kind of candy you choose, it probably won’t help raise your blood sugar. It’s best to avoid this until your blood sugar is in a safer range.”

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