An Apple employee told me the truth about the M2 MacBook Air (this was the problem)

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Very nice.

(Screenshot from Apple ad.)

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I was very resistant.

I was telling myself no, no, no; You don’t need it.

But I began by replying: “I should at least take a look, right? It’s new. And I haven’t been to an Apple Store in a long time.”

So I took myself to the Apple Store to see the alleged magic of the latest Apple, completely redesigned MacBook Air M2.

Only twenty seconds passed before a very excited salesperson made a move and introduced himself. He wondered if you needed help. I answered him a lot.

I was already starting to stare at the colorful midnight M2 . Flight I was surprised in blue. And how beautiful it is. And how different it is from all the other colors Apple used for previous Airs devices. I was already teetering on the edge of a cliff.

How cool is this? Well, pretty cool, I think.

I explained that I currently have an M1 Air. Pushing this seller to an instant crackle.

“This has been completely redesigned,” he began. “Look at how different the menu bar is. It’s very neat compared to the old Air bar.”

At this, he proceeded to show how the cursor slid under the slit at the top as if by magic.

“You see? How cool is that?” He said with all the enthusiasm of the apprentice magician.

“But there is a bloody great degree there,” she offered softly.

“Yeah, but you don’t really notice it, do you?”

“Well, now you remember it, yes I do, but never mind,” I said to myself, as I encouraged him to tell me more.

His next instinct was to go to the Apple website, pull up the comparison chart between the M1 and M2 Airs, and talk me through it.

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He stunned me with his 1080p HD camera – “much better than I was on the air”. He scheduled MagSafe wonders, new speakers — “not amazing, but better” — and even color-coordinated cable.

I can’t help but interrupt. “That deep blue. It’s really pretty, isn’t it? But I’ve heard it can flake off easily.”

“No, the real problem is fingerprints,” he said quite honestly.

“Look, it’s a fingerprint magnet,” he added, pointing to a fingerprint below the keyboard.

Get ready for his excitement.

I’m not a fan, but the students are.

But then he threw me.

“The fan on this is much better than your M1,” he said.

“This has a fan?” I wonder. “The M1 does not have a fan.”

He stopped and asked me to wait a minute while he went to a colleague. soon returned.

He said, “My bad.” No fan.

Naturally, this led me to the rumors and reviews that the M2 Air can do quite a bit – when working all day on more complex maneuvers.

The seller replied, “If you’re editing video all day and things like that, I’d still recommend a professional.”

Then he paused while I wondered what would happen next. What came next was a description of what kind of human the M2 Air was perfect for.

“I bring a lot of students here, and they’re all telling me they can do everything about it,” he explained.

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My eyes rested on the back of my head. Was that good, but apparently relatively raw, the Apple salesperson telling me the M2 Air is just the perfect student machine?

He continued to speak, while I disappeared into a well of mischief. Is that all you used to be? Was my decades-long embrace of air nothing more than an admission of an immature computing state?

I started having an annoying echo of another visit to the Apple Store at the seller He told me the atmosphere was just; I can hardly write this, “Honda Civic.”

Is that all I am? Have smart people looked down on me for so many years?

I decided to resist. I was going to get one of these fanless fingerprint collecting tools for the poor.

I will continue to showcase my meager qualifications and let the world laugh.

The hard sell.

So I turned to the seller and said, “I don’t suppose you actually have any of these, do you? I mean, you’re probably all sold out, right?”

At this, his eyes lit up above his mask as if a magician had returned from a stay in the desert and was about to pull off his greatest trick.

He reached into his pocket, took out his iPhone and announced, “Well, let me see! Some have just been delivered.”

I couldn’t believe I acted at random timing, but perfect. I couldn’t believe I could walk out of this store with one of these precious machines – and in the middle of the night it tends to turn blue too.

The seller’s screen lit up and his face fell.

“Unbelievable,” he said. “I was here two days ago and we had some.”

I definitely felt sorry for him. He was doing his best and probably didn’t do it for a long time. I specifically wanted to buy from him.

He went back to the Air and searched the Apple website for connectivity capabilities on the M2 Air 16GB, 1TB, Night Blue. I have entered my zip code.

three weeks.

This was to be expected, but it also had the effect of forcing me to think a little more. I didn’t have to indulge in any impulse buying.

I now have time to wrestle with my conscience and ask the most important questions: “What have I become, and what have I always been?”

And most importantly: “Have you always been a student?”

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