An NBA executive reportedly believes Jaylen Brown is an ‘all in all’ at the Celtics


Brown’s desire to be in Boston has been called into question after rumors he could be traded for Kevin Durant.

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Jaylen Brown’s was the centerpiece of Kevin Durant’s Celtics trade show.

Jaylen Brown’s initial reaction, or at least initially assumed, to reports that Boston offered him a deal for Kevin Durant was not good for the Celtics.

star suite tweet “allowed” In the hours following the report, speculation began that Brown might want to quit Boston and leave when his contract expires in 2024.

Although one executive from another team does not believe that is the case. CEO Steve Pulpit told the longtime Celtics insider that they think Brown wants to be in Boston for the long haul.

“I think Jaylen is long-term,” CEO Bulpett told “If they want him for the long haul and they’re going to pay him the contract he’s worth, I think he’s all Boston. From everything I’ve been told, Jaylen is a loyal guy. I know frustration can happen when things don’t go well, and I think we’ve seen some of that in earlier than last season.

“But when you take a step back and look at things, I think he wants to be there. And any problems that could ever happen with that relationship would probably come from the idea that there’s no relationship with him. And now I don’t see that from the Celtics. I think. They know what they have in Jaylen – now and in the future – and they want to keep it going.”

Another Pulpit executive said they weren’t sure how real the trade talks between the Celtics and Nets would be, but Boston would somehow get involved because of Brown’s standing.

“Jaylen Brown is the best single player we’ve ever heard related to this thing, so Brooklyn has got to keep that alive,” said Pulpit CEO. “I still don’t know how true that is, and believe me, we were trying to figure it out for our own good.

“There might be nothing at all, or maybe there is something if Brooklyn actually comes back with what they’re asking for. But unless they can find another deal for Durant or work things out with him, a team like Boston is stuck in this — rumors and whispers about the league on The least – because they have really good players.”

The Celtics’ interest in Durant was first reported on July 25. Boston offered the Browns plus goalkeeper Derek White to Durant, but the Nets want goalkeeper Marcus Smart and another player as well as first-round picks in place of White, Shams Al-Shaaraniya reported from the athletes.

However, Boston and Brooklyn have “no real influence” on a potential Kevin Durant deal, Boston Globe Adam Himmelsbach male Wednesday. Heimelsbach added that Celtics chief of basketball operations Brad Stevens and coach Im Odoka are in regular contact with Brown, who understands the situation.

Durant sees the Celtics as a “desirable” relegation point after giving the Nets an ultimatum to either shoot or trade Sean Marks and Steve Nash, SNY’s Ian Begley mentioned on Wednesday.

Publicly, the Celtics team has not commented on the trade rumors. Jason Tatum and Grant Williams are the only players who have spoken out in the reports. Tatum was a little respectful when first asked, but said he and Brown We have more to do. and touches I’m sure Brown will be in the right mindset Entering the season He added that being a key element in a deal for Durant shows how “valuable” Brown is.

Brown will become eligible for an extension in October. However, insiders do not expect Brown to sign an extension to this season. Boston can only offer Brown a three-year contract worth $111 million on top of the remaining two years of his current deal. If Brown is named to any of the All-NBA teams over the next two seasons, he could sign a five-year, $273 million contract with the Celtics when he becomes a free agent in 2024.

The Suns, Heat and 76ers are other teams that Durant is said to view as coveted spots for the trade. The Raptors have reportedly shown an interest in playing the MVP in the Finals twice.

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