Android 13 arrives on Pixel phones

This year’s major Android update, Android 13, is officially launching today for Google’s Pixel phones, Search giant announced. The annual update gets an official release a little earlier than usual, after the release of Android 12 It was released last October And the Android version 11 In September 2020.

The list of updates arriving with this year’s release of Android is likely to be familiar if you keep up with it Android 13 seconds beta release. There is the ability to customize non-Google app icons to match the home screen wallpaper we’ve seen Android 13’s first developer previewa new permission To reduce spam, and a new option to limit the photos and videos the app can access.

Android themed wallpaper apps.
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New permission to allow apps to send notifications.
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Back in January, we wrote that Google plans to spend this year Catch up on Apple ecosystem integrationsAnd there is more evidence of this in the official version of Android 13. The update includes support for Spatial audio with head trackingfeature, which is designed to make sounds appear to come from a fixed point in space when you move your head while wearing compatible headphones, similar to the feature Apple introduces its own AirPods. Today’s post doesn’t say exactly which headphones it will work with, but Google previously announced that it will update them Pixel Buds Pro To provide support for spatial sound.

Second, there is the ability to stream messages from apps including Google Messages directly to your Chromebook, similar to iMessage on a Mac. It is another advantage of Google Detailed in January. In addition to its own Messages app, a Google promotional asset also shows this working with messaging app Signal, and the company says the feature will work with “many other favorite messaging apps.” The update also includes a feature that allows you to copy content from your Android phone to be pasted on your Android tablet and vice versa.

The ability to set languages ​​on a per-app basis is another feature of Android 13.
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A message from Signal is passed from your Android phone to your Chromebook.
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Other Android 13 features include the ability to set languages ​​on a per-app basis, a redesigned media player that adjusts its appearance based on what you’re listening to, Bluetooth Low Energy support for better sound quality at lower bit rates and reduced latency, improved multitasking on devices with large screens With drag and drop support for multitasking, and better palm rejection when using pens.

on me This support pageGoogle has broken down the Pixels getting the Android 13 update today (Pixel 4, 5, and 6 combinations), along with a long list of fixes that it includes. a Developer page where you can download images Before the update gets pushed into your device automatically, he also notes that upgrading to Android 13, at least using a factory image, is a one-way trip — updating the bootloader included with it means you won’t be able to go back to Android 12.

For developers or anyone who was in beta version of Android 13, There is a blog post with more information for you here. Everyone in the beta will get the latest version of Android 13, and then remain signed up to receive beta updates for upcoming feature releases. If you’d rather back off and stick with the final release software, then You can head to the Android Beta website And unsubscribe now, without having to wipe your device first.

If you are ready to install Android 13 on your Pixel phone, OTA images are available over hereor you can use the web Android Flash Tool To upgrade compatible devices.

The Android update will come to devices from other manufacturers including Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, HMD, Motorola, Realme, Sony, Xiaomi and Asus “later this year,” Google’s Samir Samat wrote in today’s announcement. For more details about the changes arriving in the update, Check Google Post.

Update 2:43 PM ET: Added details about device support, information for beta program participants, and a note about increasing the bootloader that can prevent rollback from Android 13 to Android 12.

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