Discover another round of voucher deals with VR Summer Jungle Adventure from apm

To dive this summer, Sun Hung Kai Properties apm’s premier shopping mall takes everyone to a lively vacation that we all miss. In exclusive collaboration with Ashley Percival, the UK’s famous illustrator, apm is curating the whimsical digital summer project “apm Summer Jungle Adventure”, taking hikers on an unusual safari through the lush jungle, weaving through dynamic and fragrant giant flowers, and getting close to The huge Big Five Animals, immersion in a 720-degree virtual space full of multi-sensory experience, providing customers with the ultimate relaxation of the wonderful travel journey into the wilderness. What’s Next? The mall will offer a host of tempting rewards to beat the summer heat with its ‘coolest’ shopping surprise for shoppers to Maximise use a new batch of depreciation voucher.

Checkpoint 1: The Big Five 3D Animals

Ashley Percival creates quirky illustrations that play with proportions and characteristics that are always bright in color. This summer, brings the unique big car five Animals – lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and African buffalo to reveal vibrant safari with visitors.

Checkpoint 2: VR Flycation Immersive

While Metaverse is creating a new virtual environment around the world, and an eye-catching 1:1 helicopter has landed in the apm jungle for “pilots” to fly through the prairie in virtual reality devices. Guests can participate in the game simply by following the official account of apm’s Instagram or Facebook with any spending in the mall, and get a small surprise after completing the safari mission.

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Checkpoint 3: 720 degree virtual mirror room

As you enter the room, you will be amazed by the stunning 720-degree video showing the migration of wild animals, one of the wonders of the world as you immerse yourself in the visual immersion that the mesmerian bringsskaleidoscope.

Checkpoint 4: Afternoon tea tasting inside the Charming Treehouse

Due to its wooden design and floral patterns, the elegant tree house offers the relaxing atmosphere of nature with a modern blend. Guests can exclusively enjoy afternoon tea by following APM’s Instagram or official Facebook account with 8000 points and spend $2000 at APM to experience the wilderness attraction.

Checkpoint 5: Giant Cactus Interactive Field

Nearly 20 giant inflatable cacti are planted in the charming garden to form a labyrinth, with 3m high interactive flowers nearby, providing the inviting scent of summer renewal in African style.

Bonus 1: Summer grand raffle to win a luxury RV and 5-star hotel stay package

Point members can enter Grand Lucky Draw by spending $300 with voucher platforms including Alipay HK, Octopus, Tap & Go, WeChat Pay HK, BoC Pay or PayMe from August 5 to October 30 at apm, where The mall is going to expand its voucher system benefits by giving away loot including a stylish RV, iPhone 13 Pro Max, Dyson hair dryer, 5-star hotel accommodation package, and more other fashionable gadgets for lucky arrivals.


Bonus 2: Consumption Coupon Double Rewards! Get up to 100% discount

From August 6 to September 12, The Point members with a Reservation Pass can redeem $200 dining and shopping eCoupons when they spend $800 with the platforms selected above, and $600 back in eCoupons shopping when they spend $2,000 on weekends. Selected members can receive $10,000 in shopping eCoupons when they spend over $10,000 at the mall to enjoy 100% off!

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