How a woman lost 19 kg by exercising for 28 minutes a day

Before she started Sam Wood’s 8-week challenge 28, Michelle Tiebel says she was in “the worst condition of my life” after putting on 30kg. But after immersing yourself in the program, I’ve since learned how transformative small, healthy changes can be, body + soul reports.

“Before joining Challenge 28 by Sam Wood for 8 weeks, I had not exercised consistently for over two years,” Michelle shares with Body + Soul. “I was drinking every day and was never aware of the foods I was putting into my body. It was a horrible way to live.”

In hindsight, Michelle could now see that she was putting her work and family before her own needs. Her work as a data engineer means she often switches between time zones that have had an impact on her sleep and diet.

“At 2 a.m., you reach for anything with sugar and something prepackaged,” she shares. “Often in order to fall asleep after work, I would have a glass of wine.”

“I have two daughters, Madison, 9, and Mila, 7, who do a lot of extra extracurricular activities.

“They enjoy seeing me volunteer at school at Mother’s Day kiosks and in the kitchen shop. Once you add the husband, friends, and family, there isn’t any time to exercise or try to eat a healthy meal. It’s just constant worrying about everyone and everything else.”

The difference 28 minutes can make

After gaining 30kg earlier this year, Michelle decided it was time for a change. She has chosen to reform her lifestyle and set an example for her daughters. “I can show them how to succeed at work, or to succeed in education goals, but can I show them how to live healthy? Because none of these other things matter without good health.”

She joined 28 of Sam Wood and committed to the 8-week challenge.

As the name suggests, each exercise takes 28 minutes and can be done from home. The program also comes with a meal plan filled with healthy recipes to prepare at home.

The first two weeks were a difficult transition period. But I immersed myself in the group of 28 members of Sam Wood and found a lot of inspiration and support there.

“The people in the group are so wonderful and there is a real sense of an inclusive community where you feel safe to participate.”

By the end of the challenge, Michelle had dropped 19.3 kg.

Most importantly, the program helped her learn how to put herself first: “I’ve learned that taking 5 percent of my day for myself isn’t selfish—it’s self-care.”

Michelle’s workout plan

A lot can happen in 28 minutes, says Michelle, “One of the critical factors for success was how much you could get from your workouts.

“I started the challenge on low impact and built my fitness in a week and a half to take it to the next level.”

Now, she works six days a week. “Usually, I like to do 28 minutes with Sam because it really works the whole body, doesn’t need any crazy gym items just a mat and a couple of weights. Throughout the 8 week challenge I walked at least once a week and had a day off. Sunday “.

Michelle’s day on a plate

Michele’s diet has undergone a complete overhaul.

breakfast: “I like to start my morning with either a top of avocado and cherry tomato toast on sourdough. Or a smoothie if you’re on the run, the smoothie recipes on the app are insane! It’s so easy to make.”

lunch: “My lunches are usually my remaining dinners.”

Dinner: My dinner will be like grilled chicken breast and grilled vegetables. Easy to prepare and very tasty! “

Snack: “My snacks were a big problem after a few drinks. I don’t snack at all.”

candy: “If I eat dessert, it’s the absolute favorite on the show: the chocolate-hazelnut tart!”

This article originally appeared body + soul It was reproduced with permission

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