Mike Locksley spoke about injuries, major promotion and more after football’s first fight in Maryland

Maryland football held its first fall camp brawl on Saturday, allowing offense and defense to have reps in game situations for the first time before next season. The Terps earned their first game-like move from a roster of 15 rookie players from last season, the most of any Big Ten, and are looking to capitalize on a record-setting campaign that saw the program finish 7-6 with a pot win. .

Coach Mike Locksley He spoke to the media after Saturday’s brawl:

transport kicker Chad Ryland prove himself

Maryland aimed to strengthen its own teams this season by adding the former Eastern Michigan kicker Chad Ryland.

“If I were to come up with a name, I would say it begins with it Chad RylandLocksley said. “You know, I haven’t talked much about it, but it’s probably one of the best trucks we’ve got from the transfer gate. Another weapon, scoring the ball is really important and he’s back from his off-season training and he’s been hitting the ball. And I’m really excited to get that consistency from this. position.So if I have to give someone a little love, you know, about a man who really stood out to me, he’s Chad Ryland His confidence is at an all-time high kicking the ball out of the end zone when kick-off, he’s been very accurate with his field goals throughout camp and I really expect him to be a big year for us.”

Ryland enters 2022 with a career field target of 75.7 percent. He converted 84.6 percent of attempts in 2020 and 86.4 percent of attempts in 2021. He converted 141 of 145 extra point attempts in his career and averaged 59.57 yards per kickoff with 54.2 percent of attempts that ended up as touch offenses in 2021. All attempts these numbers are much higher than those in the last kicking game in Maryland. Ryland looks like a huge upgrade.

The Terps will be looking to build and prove their depth as the season approaches

Despite their wealth of returning starters, there are questions about the depth behind the Terps’ starter units this season. Running back, tight end and linebackers are positions to focus on there, as young players need to show up to become key players.

“You know, we’ve created depth in all of these situations, so it’s always going to be a competition, and that’s what we want it to be here,” Locksley said. “We really believe, you know, you have a lot of competition and you bring out the best players. And that’s one of the things with hiring, we’ve been able to create the necessary depth that allows that competition to happen.”

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replacing Chigoziem Okonkwo In the narrow end to be a difficult task, but Cory Deshes And the CJ Dipper They have shown the ability to step into this role side by side Weston Wolf behind them. At full-back, the Terps welcome Durrell Nchami and Fa’Naje Gotay back from injuries and add a powerful new duo from Jishon Braham And the Caleb Wetland She could play roles early on.

Running back has talent but no proven start with the departure of the leading rider Taeyeon Fleet DavisBut Terps have a strong core of youngsters running back to make an impact. Colby McDonald He will fight with a student in the preparatory year Roman Humby To start back position with a redshirt . freshman Antoine Littleton The second is a classic reverse gear shift Faamatau تحدي Challenge Think for opportunities as well. student Ramon Brown He’ll have chances to see the field, but could be limited to four games to keep the Red Riding Hood this fall.

Maryland remains relatively injury-free after 10 days of practice

Injuries are part of football, and any time players are in playing situations, there is a risk that one of them will fall. So quarrels before the start of the season always worry college football coaches, hoping to enter the next season without losing a player. mike Locksley admitted that the team’s return to Maryland Stadium on Saturday due to the team/team squabble caused some nicks and bruises, but the team remained healthy after the first of three fights.

“So far there hasn’t been anything [injured players] You know, they went out and couldn’t come back, said Locksley. “I mean we have cuts and bruises. [I] I haven’t met our coach yet. We’re only going to do it here because we’re kind of done and I’ll know more after the players check in there now that the brawl is over.”

wide future Dontay Demus Jr.Who returned from a knee injury he sustained on October 1 last season, played the scrimmage in a limited fashion and made some plays, according to Locksley.

“Like I said, his comeback is a plus from Maryland because of the leadership he brings because of the kind of player he is,” Locksley said. “So it was good to see him in ‘The Shell’ running, catching, blocking. And we’re going to keep getting him back on track, which kind of limits his carry. But today he managed to get some business and was really happy with what I saw.”

Maryland football will continue fall camp next week and have other brawlers ahead of its September 3 opening game against Buffalo.

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