Android 13 arrives on Pixel phones

This year’s major Android update, Android 13, is officially launching today for Google’s Pixel phones, Search giant announced. The annual update gets an official release a little earlier than usual, after the release of Android 12 It was released last October And the Android version 11 In September 2020. The list of updates arriving with … Read more

Third Point unveils nearly $1 billion stake in Disney, pushes for changes

Aug 15 (Reuters) – Hedge fund Third Point on Monday unveiled a nearly $1 billion stake in The Walt Disney Company. (DIS.N) She said she plans to push the media company to make a series of changes, from converting cable sports channel ESPN to buying back shares and adding new board members. Billionaire investor Daniel … Read more

The Internet criticizes the father who “forgot” his daughter’s 10th birthday

Online commentators blasted a father on Sunday who “forgot” his daughter’s 10th birthday. Posted in redditForum “True Off My Chest” Under the username u/A_Mandinha, the girl’s older brother wrote: “I’m the King I hate my father and what he did to my sister”. The post got 9,500 upvotes and hundreds of comments from disgusting Redditors. … Read more

8 games I want to watch on Apple VR

Rumors have been circulating for a while now that Apple is planning to create its own VR experience, however, the company hasn’t officially confirmed that anything VR related is in the works. However, that didn’t stop analysts from talking about the upcoming Apple VR capabilities, nor did it stop people from creating a technical concept … Read more

This AI camera protects your privacy by recording only specific targets

Scientists from UCLA are trying to address privacy issues by developing a new artificial intelligence camera that records only specific targets and actively erases everything else. As digital cameras have become almost ubiquitous, privacy protection issues have somewhat risen. as explained Science BlogSome have chosen to address these concerns with obfuscation or data encryption, but … Read more

Orphan: First Kill Review – IGN

Orphan: First Kill will be in theaters and on Paramount+ on August 19, 2022. William Brent Bell’s Orphan: First Kill is a scratch-on-paper prequel that challenges its conceptual possibilities. Writers David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick and David Kogishall hack a code in Alex Mays’ story that somehow subverts expectations despite revealing the plot in the 2009 film … Read more

Tony Ayumi explains Geezer Butler’s absence from Black Sabbath’s Commonwealth Games performance

black sabbath guitar player Tony Iumi reveal why geezer butler They did not perform at this year’s closing ceremony Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. On August 8 Iommi And the black sabbath Singer Ozzy Osbourne They reunited in their original hometown of Birmingham, England to perform the band’s classic song “Paranoid” – Prefixed with a truncated … Read more