Ron Rivera was not happy with the kick back after Washington’s 23-21 loss to Carolina

Ron Rivera wasn’t happy with the return of Washington’s kick that took the ball out of the end zone and wasn’t even able to get back to the 20-yard line. The team attempts to find the returnees after letting DeAndre Carter leave at free agency. This wasn’t a good start for loneliness, and Rivera called it infuriating.

He was also not happy with the defenses not being able to take advantage of second and third place. The Panthers had a few extended drives that were meant to be cut, and players probably won’t like this week’s movie session.

Rivera was asked about ball-fizzing Antonio Gibson, and the problem he faced throughout his time in Washington. He wants young RB to stop stuttering so much, plant and go. Nor does he want to see Gibson trying to extend the plays that aren’t going anywhere. This leads to problems and more opportunities for the defense to take the ball out. Rivera was delighted to play Gibson after his return to the field.

Rivera was delighted to have all three QB members play today. Wentz was meticulous, went through his lead well, and had offense under control. Sam Howell played some great ball late in the game. Rivera said he has a bright future and just needs to keep learning and developing.

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