SOULS, NFT Interactive Holdings by SiA and David Oreilly

10,000 unique interactive objects live on ethereum

International pop star SiA and famous visual artist David OReilly collaborated on SOULS and NFT A collection of 10,000 unique interactive objects that live on Ethereum. There are colorful life forms virtual objects He can jump, wiggle, dance, sleep, and even speak a musical language sung by SiA. Exploring the creative potential of Web3 (a new version of the World Wide Web that includes decentralized applications and blockchain technologies), SOULS began as a series of simple color palettes that over time grew into a vast array of never-before-seen digital objects. Each soul is born with its own personality, name, voice, chromatic pattern, rarity, and ambient sound, while some enjoy the interaction and some prefer nothing. Users can click, drag and rearrange them as many times as they want, and each object will let them know if they are feeling happy, sad, bored or overstimulated. The unique attributes of each object in the project are listed open sea The NFT market, while in total 10,000 objects, 7,910 are common, 1,814 are uncommon, 214 are rare, 51 are epic, and only 11 are legendary.

designboom has arrived at David O’Reilly To learn more about SOULS, where the idea for the project came from, and the ways users can interact with virtual objects. Read our entire conversation below.Meet SOULS, the interactive NFT collectibles that dance and sing by SiA and David Oreilly

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Souls: An Interview with David O’Reilly

designboom (DB): What is the initial idea behind SOULS? Animation, interactive design and music all included from the start?

David O’Reilly (role): SiA made a series of “bubble plates” a long time ago, which I loved. Paint them nail polish. They have the kind of bold clarity that runs through their work. I’ve come up with an interesting way to manipulate it in 3D, using a technique called inverted conventions. Interaction and music came later as the project developed.

DB: How did your collaboration with SiA begin?

Role: Sia and I have been friends in London for nearly two decades. We’ve kept in touch over the years, and then last year she called me to talk about collaborating on a set. I got into collecting NFT in a way I wasn’t expecting. Then we started meeting regularly and sending ideas back and forth as they took shape.

Meet SOULS, the interactive NFT collectibles that dance and sing by SiA and David Oreilly
The “blob panels” that marked the beginning of the project

Dead Brooks: What is the main objective of the project?

Role: We wanted to bring something nice, tangible and musical to the world of digital art. I loved the challenge of breathing life into its soft, colorful bubbles, and introducing a feminine touch to the culture of NFTs.

Dead Brooks: What platforms can spirits be used on and in what ways?

Role: SOULS works entirely in the browser on mobile and desktop – the website allows you to browse your collection or curated collections. You can use touch, mouse, or keyboard to “play” the spirits as an instrument or chorus. In addition to singing, each soul has its own ambient sound, a beautiful tapestry to explore. On Apple devices, you can draw Souls into augmented reality.

Meet SOULS, the interactive NFT collectibles that dance and sing by SiA and David Oreilly
Colorful and interactive souls bounce, vibrate, dance, sleep and sing

DB: Each interactive lifeform comes with special traits, including a unique character, name, sound, and color pattern. How did you decide on those traits, and what are some of the most special traits that rare, epic, and legendary souls possess?

Role: SiA chose the colors, and came up with the idea for cross-colors to be rare, which turned out to be a very elegant way to do rarity. Each soul is made up of up to four different color elements, and it is mathematically rare for them to have the same color.

Dead Brooks: How do different spirits interact with each other?

Role: SOULS uses a rather complex sentimental system, for what is currently possible in a browser. They interact with each other and exhibit different behaviors based on their mood. Each tends to feel happy or sad at different times, for different reasons, at different frequencies – depending on their traits. Large groups of spirits also exhibit group behaviors.

Meet SOULS, the interactive NFT collectibles that dance and sing by SiA and David Oreilly
Iga # 1849

Did Brooks: Will the project continue to evolve? Any future plans?

Role: In general, we have no idea what NFTs are just yet. What this technology and society were like last year compared to what it is today is day and night. The potential of the technology on which it is built is hardly understood. We have created a project that is designed to evolve but also stands alone as a unique work of art. The next stages depend on how and where the community wants to take it.

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