The US Economy Didn’t Get a Recession Note

The Brutal GDP report It was released on July 28, which showed the economy contracting for the second consecutive quarter, leading some to insist that a much-feared recession had already arrived. This makes sense in some ways: since 1948, each successive quarter of negative growth has coincided with stagnation. But the recession argument here has … Read more

Premium products take priority as companies struggle with cost of living

“As we’re making more premium drinks, it’s getting harder for customers to replicate at home and we think that helps with the concept of lower commerce,” Starbucks chief financial officer Rachel Ruggeri told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” August 3. Gary Hirschhorn / Contributor / Getty Images Custom coffee, “high-end” skincare and “high” sauces and secrets are … Read more

What is inflation? Here is the reason for the high prices and who is to blame

Let’s start with the simplest version: inflation occurs when prices rise on a large scale. This “widely” is important: at any time, the price of goods will fluctuate based on changing tastes. Someone is making a TikTok viral about Brussels sprouts and all of a sudden everyone has to get it; Blossoming, buds rise in … Read more

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