The fourth season of Westworld was bleak, brutal, and beautiful

Dolores, in her prairie blue gown, stares at Westworld.

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as it wasI went down to Dolores and the man in black.

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Forget about saving Caleb. forget Mayev’s death. forget Bernard’s Nine Million Step Plan. Forget humanity, forget the hosts, forget everything. None of that matters now. Westworld The ancient world was swept away more thoroughly and effectively than the man in black, the host, or otherwise could have dreamed of. Hell, the show almost got rid of Itself, Given that by the time the credits air, nearly all of the cast has been killed: Maeve and Bernard are still dead, the Stubbs are shamefully murdered by Clementine, who is eliminated by Franky; Caleb refuses to leave with his daughter because his host’s body is rapidly deteriorating, and the resurrected Hel puts the man in black aside for good, then destroys her own pearl.

“Que Sera, Sera” is bleak. It’s grim, brutal, and maybe a bit skewed. Westworld It would have given someone some kind of happy ending somewhere other than to reunite with Frankie with her friend and sail away. It would have been nice for the Stubbs to die the death of a hero, or for Caleb to spend time with his daughter. But everyone and everything had to go for it Westworld to clarify her point of view.

The episode begins with the incessant killing of both humans and hosts that it is almost comical. The man in black says – and I think we should be ditching William at this point – that he played one last match for everyone, i.e. “last man standing”. But he doesn’t really want to leave anyone standing. He wants to burn the real world and burn the illusory world – the sublime – falls with him.

After the drone hosts revived Hill (with some improvements), I discovered that the message Bernard was listening to was not for himself, but for to her. When he said humans and their hosts would go extinct, he wasn’t lying – but he was also not lying when he said there was a chance to save a small part of the world. But first, it’s Hill’s decision: whether she wants to take Christina/Dolores Pearl’s heart, which also contains the data of all the people in town (or at least the stories I wrote for them), and upload it to Sublime will give those people and the already-existing hosts a new lease on life. In life. It’s life in a data engine, but it’s life nonetheless.

Image of the article titled Westworld & # 39;  s Season 4 Finale was bleak, brutal and beautiful

picture: John B. Johnson / HBO

I don’t think it matters much that Dolores Hill decides to save Samia. Perhaps it is to frustrate the man in black. Perhaps you felt guilty for destroying the real world. Perhaps Bernard’s letter had reached her, or perhaps she was just hoping that something was better than nothing, no matter what form it took. So she and the man in black raced to the Hoover Dam where Bernard High opened, Hill found the gun that Bernard had carefully planted there, and at last killed the man in black and smashed the pearl, then carried Christina Dolores and all her statements in transcendence. then hill commit suicide.

The material world is over. All humans and hosts are dead, or will die soon. If you’re still suspicious of Bernard (which makes sense), Cristina won’t be able to explain it more clearly: “Hosts and humans have been given the gift of intelligent life and used to usher in our yard. A few may escape death for a few months, maybe even a few years, but eventually Their species will become extinct… conscious life on Earth has ended.” Life as we know it has ended.

as such we She knows it, but not as Cristina knows him – and not as Dolores knows it. Conscious life on Earth is over. But a part of it may still be preserved…in another world. My world. There is time for one last game. A dangerous game, with the greatest risk – survival, or extinction. This game ends where it began. , in a world like a labyrinth. This tests who we are. This reveals what we should become. One last loop around the bend. Perhaps this time, we will free ourselves.”

And Dolores, back and complete, the creator of the stories, frustrates the man in black. she You make a new world out there in Sublime, of the hosts inside and maybe even the data of the humans you’ve absorbed – a new world. But it is familiar. Westworld.

The ending was so final that I had to check to see if it Westworld He was going to have a fifth season. To my surprise, the show hasn’t been renewed yet, but Ed Harris has made comments indicating that the show isn’t over yet. But ‘Que Sera, Sera’ wraps up everything the show has been doing for the past few years so perfectly that I honestly Wants offer to expire.

It’s the perfect ending – beings that have evolved beyond bodies, beyond reality, beyond humanity and hosts. Another chance to see if the rest can finally get over their flaws or give in to them. You don’t need to see how it’s done. I want to wonder, doubt and hope. Perhaps this time they will release them.

Image of the article titled Westworld & # 39;  s Season 4 Finale was bleak, brutal and beautiful

picture: John B. Johnson / HBO

Miscellaneous meditations:

  • Another reason why this would be such a great finale to the series: There are only two main characters alive at the moment, and then only technically: Dolores, who is now presumed to be the god of Westworld, and Teddy, who is somewhere in the Sublime.
  • I can’t believe the man in black called that baby a carriage. It was totally cam, but I’d prefer William and not Know 21– The language of the games of the century.
  • Supposedly Hill City was New York, and Hoover Dam in Nevada. I’m very curious how Hill took a futuristic helicopter and the man in black took a truck and a horse and still beat her up there.

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