The Internet criticizes the father who “forgot” his daughter’s 10th birthday

Online commentators blasted a father on Sunday who “forgot” his daughter’s 10th birthday.

Posted in redditForum “True Off My Chest” Under the username u/A_Mandinha, the girl’s older brother wrote: “I’m the King I hate my father and what he did to my sister”. The post got 9,500 upvotes and hundreds of comments from disgusting Redditors. Could you Read full post here.

u/A_Mandinh told Redditors that his parents separated last year and that he and his sister are living with their mom because their dad “preferred it that way”.

Divorce in America

Divorce has become a common phenomenon in the United States. According to Parents, 36 percent of all American marriages end in divorce, which means that 50 percent of children will “witness the end of their parents’ marriage.” Moreover, nearly a quarter – 21 percent – of American children live with their mothers alone, making it the “second most common living arrangement” in the country, the US Census Bureau reported last year.

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Online commentators blasted a father on Sunday who “forgot” his daughter’s 10th birthday.
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While children who have experienced divorce are more likely to have behavior problems, poor academic performance, and increased mental health problems, Ferriuel Family says that open communication and peaceful co-parenting, among other things, can help reduce the “psychological toll” of divorce on children.

“Fear of abandonment and fears about the future can cause a lot of anxiety. But helping your child feel loved, safe and secure can not only reduce clinginess, but also reduce the risk of mental health issues,” the site said.

Unfortunately, u/A_Mandinh’s father has not been around much since the divorce and his fatal mistake has left his daughter feeling “totally depressed”.

‘I hate him’

u/A_Mandinh’s younger sister turned 10 on Saturday, and to celebrate, she wanted nothing more than to have dinner with her father, whom she hadn’t seen “in months”.

“He said he would take my sister here at 7pm and they would go to McDonald’s or something,” u/A_Mandinh said. “She was fully dressed, beautifully dressed and even asked me to put makeup on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so excited about anything.”

Unfortunately, their father never arrived.

u/A_Mandinh said “We waited for over two hours. He didn’t turn up. He didn’t answer messages and didn’t answer any calls either.” My sister cried so much that she woke up [Sunday] With bulging eyes. She hasn’t eaten anything yet and is completely depressed.”

Their father called on Sunday and said he “completely forgot” the dinner date, but that excuse didn’t satisfy you.

He concluded by saying, “I hate him so much. I hate him. I hate him. I don’t know what else to do but I say I hate him.”

In a statement to NEWSWEEK On Monday, Sh/Mandina said his sister is still upset.

“She didn’t even go to school today. My mom and I talk to her and do what we can to make her feel better. Tonight we’re taking her to dinner and we invited some of her best friends to come with us.”

redditor reaction

Commentators criticized the father for forgetting his daughter’s birthday, saying he was a “waste” father.

“How did you forget the day your son was born???? And why hasn’t the f**k seen her in months?” asked Horrornerd3000. “It’s rubbish and I’m sorry your sister broke her heart yesterday and stayed to pick up his pieces.”

u/Brave-Wind-183 said, “A person who doesn’t care that much doesn’t deserve to be called a father. I’m so sorry about your sister.”

u/binx221 added: “I hate him too and he’s not my father.”

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