The Path for Kansas Football to reach the Bowl in 2022

NCAA Football: Kansas in Texas

It’s a new year. Each team starts the season 0-0. The Kansas Jayhawks They are looking to prove the skeptics wrong. Can they make enough progress to change the perception of their football program as a whole? This is all part of the fun.

Tennessee Tech in Kansas, September 2

This is a must to win the Kansas Jayhawks. Tennessee Tech is an FCS school and did not have a very good football program at the time. They finished the 2021 season 3-8. While that might be a better record than Kansas in 2021, they didn’t have to go through a tough Big 12 schedule.

Lance Leibold And the Jayhawks will be up and ready to make a statement in Week 1. I
Take the Jayhawks.

KS 42, Teen Tech 14

Kansas in West Virginia, September 10

Jumping into the Big 12 play in Week 2 is tough. West Virginia She has a lot of question marks as the season approaches. It looks like the Mountaineers as a team could improve as the season goes on, but maybe not so much in the second week. I expect Kansas to “shock the world” in this game, putting them back on the college football map after their 2-0 season start. I don “t think so Gallon Daniels He’ll be on any Heisman watch lists early in the season or anything, but his play will lift the Jayhawks to a big win on the road in West Virginia!

Kansas 31, West Virginia 28

KS in Houston, September 17

Future big discount on board! This might be a fun road trip to Houston to check out which team will be joining the convention next year. The Cougars are coming off an amazing season. They went 12-2, narrowly losing to Cincinnati, the College Football Playoff and another Big 12 opponent in the future. They defeated Auburn in their ball game to close out the season.

If all goes according to plan, both teams will be headed 2-0 in this match. Houston He is one of the top 25 pre-season teams, so this will be a strong road test for KU. I don’t think the Jayhawks will have what it takes to overcome the discomfort in this game. A big win on the road in West Virginia the week before, another big upset in consecutive weeks would be a daunting task.

Houston 34, KS 17

Duke in Kansas, September 24

Two strong programs – in basketball. They’ll meet later this fall on the field in the Classic Champions Tour, but for now, they’re meeting at David Booth Memorial Stadium in Lawrence, Kansas. According to the majority of experts, neither team is expected to be great this season, which makes the match very interesting.

It’s a home game for the Jayhawks, so I’m leaning towards their direction in this game. Devin Neal He blasted out into the wilderness for 150 yards and two landings in a close victory.

KS 27, Duke 24

Iowa in Kansas, October 1

Iowa State is a program that has seen a revival two years ago under the guidance of a head coach Matt Campbell. Last year, they were supposed to compete for the Big 12 Championship and didn’t live up to expectations. They may be flying under the radar this season, but I don’t think anyone has in that discussion as a Big 12 team this year.

In recent years, KU has been an easy win on the schedule, but not anymore. Despite going 3-1, Iowa State would think they could go to Lawrence and pick up Ws like the great Lee Corso who says every week on ESPN’s College Gameday, “Not so fast, my friend!”

Yalon Daniels would lead the match-winning lead in the two-minute drill to put the Jayhawks ahead for good near the end of the match. Kansas will continue its surprising start to the season with another home victory, this time over the Hurricanes, and move up to 4-1 this year.

Kansas 24, Iowa 20

TCU in Kansas, October 8

For TCU, this game is set between their confrontations against Oklahoma and the state of Oklahoma. This may not be important to some, but these two teams are expected to compete for the Big 12 Championship.

Despite KU’s 4-1 record, once again, the TCU is a team that could overlook the Jayhawks as they head to Lawrence for their early October match. TCU should be the better team, but KS will lead this game high. It will be another match close, which makes me lean towards the home team. The homely atmosphere of the Jayhawks plays into their hands as the seats begin to fill up when a winner is chosen. They will shock the world again.

Kansas 34, University of California 30

Kansas in Oklahoma, October 15

The line ends here. After a three-game winning streak, the start of the season 3-0, he became sooner It will crush the Jayhawks’ hopes of clinching a berth in mid-October. Playability and sports in Oklahoma win the day on this day. Despite a good effort from the Jayhawks, they will fall short.

Oklahoma 52, Kansas 21

KS at Baylor, October 22

The difficult stretching of the table goes by leaps and bounds. Big 12 champion Baylor is expected to return to competition again this season.

Kansas is a better football team now than it was before the season started, but they’re still at the bottom of the top division of the conference’s top division. This would be another road loss for the Jayhawks and Baylor would win by the way.

Baylor 49, KS 17


Oklahoma in Kansas, November 5

Oklahoma State is another team that is in the top tier of the Big 12 with hopes of a conference title. Kansas will have a good fight, go out on farewell week and get the Cowboys at home. However, KU has ways to go before they can engage in conversation with the elite Big 12. However, strong efforts here will fail in the early November match at home.

Oklahoma State 38, Kansas 31

Kansas at Texas Tech, November 12

This is a game that could be closer than some think it’s headed for. The Red Raiders won a major in Lawrence last year and finished the season with a big win over Mississippi State. The Jayhawks should be able to put up some points but will they have enough to stop the Red Raider’s high-flying attack? I don’t think I can give them that win on the road in Lubbock this season.

Texas Tech 45, KS 28

Texas in Kansas, November 19

All eyes will be on last year’s rematch which was a surprise for this season. As many remember, Stunning Kansas pulled in AustinTexas and the Longhorns will take their revenge this year in Lawrence, Kansas.

Despite losing four times in a row, the Jayhawks will be confident they can beat Texas for the second consecutive season. They are in the heads of a nation of long centuries.

It will come to defensive execution. Kansas has shown that they can score points, so they will need to get breakpoints. I think the Jayhawks would do enough to win it in a home run, giving the program their first qualifying season since 2009 and sending to Lawrence, Kansas. They will transfer the goal to Mass Street after this victory.

Kansas 38, Texas 35

Kansas in Kansas, November 26

It’s the Sunflowers showdown and the Governor’s Cup at stake. KU leads the 65-41-5 series all-time, but hasn’t won a rivalry game since 2009. Now that the Jayhawks are so far ahead of the Texans and qualified for the championship, they have no pressure in this game.

Kansas State could be a competitor for the Black Horses in the Big 12, and a place in the Big 12 could be at stake for the Wildcats.

Could the Jayhawks end their 13-game losing streak against the Wildcats this year? It’s a possibility, but I probably wouldn’t call it that this season. Kansas State is outpacing its in-state competition and will continue its winning streak through 2023.

Kansas State 27, Kansas 17

Kansas will finish the season 6-6 and will qualify for the first time since 2008 when it was
Beat Minnesota in the Insight Ball.

I expect Kansas to play in the Lockheed Martin Armed Forces game. That game will be played Thursday, December 22 in Fort Worth, Texas at University of California Amon J. Carter Stadium at 6:30 p.m. CST. It will be shown on an ESPN station.

Which team will play with the Kansas Jayhawks? I expect it will be naval officers.

The powers that be who usually try to get school have a military tie in this bowl game, which makes perfect sense given the name of the Bowl. It could be the Army, Air Force, or Navy, but I expect Marines to bounce back in the year and become eligible again.

I think Kansas will win the game 17-13. This will be Jayhawks first
bowl victory, and first winning season, since 2008; They finished the season with a final record of

If those predictions come to fruition, coach Lance Leibold will have officially turned things around in just two seasons at Lawrence. The Jayhawks football program will be back on the map as something other than a laughingstock or a school of miracle triumph.

The Kansas Football Program has a chance to get back on track in 2022 and exceed the highest expectations. If getting three or four wins is considered a success, that would be the best scenario ever and I think Jayhawk fans would be fine with that.

Listen to the Jayhawker Talker podcast from Heartland College Sports below as I discuss the season in more detail.

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