Thomas Tuchel: Chelsea coach says referee Anthony Taylor should not run his team again after Tottenham’s draw | football news

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel feels both Spurs’ goals in the dramatic 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge should have been ruled out and believes referee Anthony Taylor should not run his side again.

Tuchel, who was sent off with his Tottenham counterpart Antonio Conte after the final whistle after their second quarrel in the afternoon, was furious that Kai Havertz was not awarded a free kick in preparation for Spurs’ first equalizer.

Cristian Romero then avoided the penalty in stoppage time for pulling Marc Cucurella’s hair with the VAR ruling out a red card. From the next corner, Harry Kane headed to snatch the equaliser.

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Chelsea fans have long demanded Taylor’s agenda against the Blues after a string of decisions against them in previous matches.

Asked if Taylor should not rule Chelsea again, the German replied: “Maybe it would be better.

“But frankly, we also have VAR technology to help make the right decisions. Since when can players be attracted to their hair? Since when? And if he doesn’t see it, I don’t blame him.”

“I haven’t seen it, but we have people in VAR who check it and then see it and then how can this not be a free kick and how can it not be a red card? How?

“It has nothing to do with judgment in this case. If he doesn’t see anything, that’s why we have people to check if something critically wrong is going on.”

When asked about Chelsea fans’ concerns about Taylor’s management, Tuchel replied: “I don’t think only some fans think: I can assure you our dressing room, everyone thinks so.

“It’s not just the fans. You know the players, they know what happens when they’re on the field. They know it.”

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Pierre-Emile Hogberg’s goal for Tottenham ignites a row between Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte

Asked if the players are concerned when Taylor takes over, Tuchel added: “Yes, of course.”

When told he would likely face a touchline ban on next weekend’s visit to Leeds, Tuchel said: “Very well! I can’t train but the referee can blow the whistle for the next match.”

Tuchel: My Spurs goal should have been canceled

Christian Romero pulled Mark Cucurella’s hair before Tottenham scored the second equalizer

Tuchel was furious that both Spurs goals were awarded.

I have to say both [Spurs] Goals can not stand. It’s only one team that deserved to win, and that’s us. I’m sorry for my team that they didn’t get what they deserved.” Sky Sports.

It was an obvious foul on Kai Havertz in the crowd [to Tottenham’s first goal], an obvious error. We had one tactical error from [Reece] James who got yellow. I don’t know how many tactical mistakes Hogberg and Bentancourt made today. The situation continued, and it was a clear offside for Richarlison. He is in the shot line. He even went to the ball, so Mindy can’t see the ball. They checked it, it’s an obvious offside.”

For Tottenham’s second goal, Romero’s hair pull was reviewed just before Kane’s stoppage-time goal, but the VAR decided not to intervene.

Conte: The referee’s criticism angers me

Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte clash at the final whistle at Stamford Bridge
Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte clash at the final whistle at Stamford Bridge

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte was unhappy with Tuchel’s criticism of the officials’ performance.

He said, “You know very well that I have never, ever, never talked about the referee’s decision. And then I keep doing it, certainly when I see others have that kind of behaviour. [it] It makes me a little angry, but at the same time, everyone is trying to do what they want.

“But I repeat, I do not want to comment on the referee, but I have never commented on the referee in England.”

Tuchel and Conte laugh at ‘fun’ rebellions

Tuchel and Conte were both sent off after the final whistle after their second scuffle in the afternoon, with coaches grappling with each other amid a bad handshake.

Both were booked after the equalizer for Tottenham in a big fight.

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Watch all the fights of Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte as emotions erupt during and after the thriller show at Stamford Bridge

Asked if he enjoyed it, Tuchel said, “Yes, and I think he did, too. It wasn’t a bad thing.”

“I just compared it to two guys who had a little fight on the field, but nothing happened and nobody got injured. If you had a hard and fair interference, you wouldn’t go in later and apologise and you don’t have to be involved in the Premier League football and the managers today because we both were fighting For our team that was it.

“No one was offended, no one got hurt. We didn’t have a fist fight and something to me, that wasn’t a big deal. He was part of it today and he boiled of course, his temperature caught on but nothing bad was part of the game.”

“We both fought for our team and it happens. It’s very close here.

“It was a tough match and both stashes are very, very close so the tension from both of us grew.”

Conte agreed and joked, “For what happened, I think we enjoyed it. Next time we’ll pay more attention and not shake hands, and solve the problem.”

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Tottenham manager Antonio Conte has been extremely silent over a full-time quarrel with Thomas Tuchel after the fiery stand-off at Stamford Bridge.

“I stay on the bench and we finish with the coaching staff at our side and there is no problem with that. It would be a pity to lose the next game in this situation.”

He continued: “Of course there is a video to understand what happened. Of course I am not pacifist. If I saw aggression, I would definitely answer with aggression.

“But I repeat, this is not a problem and the most important thing is that the match was a great match, with two teams there is a great level. For us to get a point, that was really important.”

Asked if his celebration of Tottenham’s first equalizer angered Tuchel, who ran over the touchline to score a Reece James goal to put Chelsea 2-1 ahead, the Italian laughed: “I think the celebration on both sides was really good celebrations.

“And run and then jump, you can understand this celebration.”

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