Tony Ayumi explains Geezer Butler’s absence from Black Sabbath’s Commonwealth Games performance

black sabbath guitar player Tony Iumi reveal why geezer butler They did not perform at this year’s closing ceremony Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

On August 8 Iommi And the black sabbath Singer Ozzy Osbourne They reunited in their original hometown of Birmingham, England to perform the band’s classic song “Paranoid” – Prefixed with a truncated version of “Iron Man”. They are joined by two musicians from the band’s last tour, Adam Walkmanwho played bass, keyboards, and drummer Tommy Clovitus.

Talking to Birmingham Live Around butlerAbsence from the event Iommi He said: “I don’t think he wanted to come because he wasn’t feeling well with Covid. He’s been on vacation in Kenya and Italy and had a boat accident or a broken or broken rib about three weeks ago, he wasn’t quite in a good shape to play. It’s a shame because we talked for a long time about the possibility of playing in Commonwealth Games. “

several years ago, Ozzy He said he was open to the possibility of sabath reunion in Commonwealth GamesSays ITV It “would be great” to play at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Games. “With black sabbath or on my own.”

late last month, Iommi Participated in Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. Iommi The famous saxophonist Soweto Kinch He led the ‘Sequence of Dreams’ segment titled “Hear my voice”Based on the main track from the 2020 movie The Chicago Trial At the event on July 28. distance Tony And the Soweto Play an extended main role, join them Birmingham City Symphony Orchestra A community choir of 700 members.

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Nearly 4,500 athletes from 72 countries and regions saw them compete in 19 sports and 8 semi-formal sports across 15 venues to compete from July 28 through August 8.

Sharon Osbourne She talked about her husband’s appearance in Toys on me Talk TVHe says to the channel: They asked us six months ago, and Ozzy He could only have done so after his last operation. they saw Ozzy there was Comic Con They said: Well. Come on. Get it. And we were, like, “Okay.” It had been literally six days from their phone call to his arrival there. It was unbelievable.”

Tony said about him OzzyAppearance at the event: “I never thought of that before Ozzy He will be able to attend and perform at Commonwealth Games because of its operation. And then when he said he was coming, we were asked to keep it a secret so no one would know.”

last year, Iommi asked by Mercury News About another possibility black sabbath Tour sometime in the not too distant future. He laughed and replied, “I don’t think so. But that’s strange. sabath – How many times did we think we were with Ozzythen we had [Ronnie James] duetthen back to Ozzyand then duet again and then after that Ian Gillan And the Tony Martin And the duet and back to Tony Martin. It has gone back and forth at different stages. So you just never know.

“I think it’s very unlikely that we’ll ever get back on stage again,” he said. “It’s definitely not going to be a tour. We’ll only do a lot of shows, if any.

“I’d like to play with the guys again. But I can’t expect that to happen.

“The reason we stopped the tours in the first place was basically my fault, because I had to be careful about my health,” Iommi explained. “When you book a tour – and it’s always an 18-month tour – it doesn’t sound like much when you talk about it at first. But when you go out there, and you tour, it’s bloody hard work. It wasn’t particularly good for my health, because of the leukemia. So, I said, “Look, you know, this should be the last round, I guess.” But I really miss it. I really miss playing on stage. I miss seeing the audience.”

Iommi He was diagnosed with cancer in early 2012, shortly after sabath Announcing a reunion tour and an album. He underwent treatment throughout the recording on the disc titled “13”And the subsequent round of promotion.

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